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Positioning CSR at the heart of your merchandising strategy is our priority. 
We advise you and designate your product catalogues. 

We select our suppliers and work locally with useful and meaningful textiles and accessories.

Our workshop is directly located within our warehouse. 

Échantillons de tissus


Prioritize quality over quantity.  

In order to limit stocks and avoid overconsumption, we ensure the management of our production and various sourcing alternatives from our suppliers.  



We print in France and take care to use responsible inks and avoid all waste. Our know-how allows us to control costs in order to set a fair price. 
Our workshop becomes mobile on events. We thus make the products unique and to the desires of our customers. 

Image de Frame Harirak


Analyze your brand platform, your DNA, your history, your markers and territories of expression, your fans, your targets, and your audience.

Image de NordWood Themes


We realize and/or use your visual identity that we duplicate on our products, and your products.

Pragmatic & controllable 

Changing the codes of the by-products of tomorrow!

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